Mom Goals

First of all, my little girl is almost a year old.  I am so excited to be planning her birthday party!  We are doing a pink and green polka dot theme which will be so cute.  The party will be on August 11th so its coming up fast.  I just got the invites printed and need to get them in the mail this week.

Now that little girl is a year, I am ready to set some goals for myself and get back to doing things for me.  I’m finding that its really hard to get out of the day to day routine, especially when it feels like there is barely enough time in the day to get done everything I need to do (like sort through that huge pile of mail on the front table).

Goal #1 – Get back in shape and eat healthy.  I am starting this by doing weight watchers and have set a goal to loose 15 pounds.  This would put me back at what I feel a good weight for me.  It wouldn’t make me skinny and probably would still be a bit on the higher end of the BMI calculations but its what I feel is attainable right now.  Since starting Weight Watchers I have lost 7 pounds in about a month.  I am hoping to really kick up the exercise and do some meal planning.  Currently meal planning is the hardest because I am trying to get down to 1-2 shopping trips per week.  Breakfast is always something that we grab and go because we have enough going on in the morning to pack up all the stuff we need for the day.  Lunch is either leftovers or eating out.  I have really changed my eating out habits but its still expensive so I need to do more leftovers.  Dinner we usually cook at home and where we probably have a good amount of room for improvement.

Goal #2 – Photography and documenting our memories.  Part of this goal includes this blog which I love but don’t keep up to date enough.  For mothers day this year I got a new 50mm prime lens and I really want to learn more how to use it.  In general I just want to take more pictures and load them to a safe place.  I would love to be creating beautiful scrapbooks but for now, this blog is the most memory keeping I do.

Goal #3 – Plan a vacation for our family.  We really are in need of a good vacation but I’m not sure where we will find the time or money to do it.  Something small sounds nice (quick trip to the beach) but it still costs money and involves a lot of effort to pack up the baby.  So then I start thinking about going on a bigger trip but that’s even more daunting.

Goal #4 – Keep improving the house.  The big project we tackled this year was the back yard.  We still have some work do finish there (scrubs, etc).  We’ve decided our next project is probably the sun room but I’m thinking about finding a weekend to throw some paint up somewhere in the house!   I also need to work on cleaning out closets and improving organization.  I think that would help make me less stir crazy in our house.

So those are my big goals right now.  I really hope we can come up with a good plan and see what we can get accomplished!


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