11 months and Walking

Age: 11 months
Weight: 23 pounds according to our home scale
Height: Not sure…. maybe a bit taller?
Sounds You make: Still making lots of sounds like “Buh” for Bye, “Ma” for Mason, and “Woo” for Woof woof (when you hear a dog bark). You have also started lots of signs! You started with the sign for milk and would come crawling over to me. It was so sweet to see you learn how to communicate. You would lean back and look at us and put your right arm up in the air and make that little milk sign. Now you have added the sign for more, and just learning all done and please.
New developmental skills: You are walking everywhere! It started with a few steps but it didn’t take you long at all to master it. It is so sweet to hear the little pitter patter of your feet on the floor. The weirdest thing for me was seeing you walk around the corner coming out of your bedroom. Such a big girl!
Sleep: You are doing better sleeping long a long stretch from about 10:30 – 4:30 (6 hours). In your new daycare classroom they are trying to get you down to 1 nap per day but they say you often fall asleep before lunch.
Feedings: We are pretty much done with purees now. You want to feed yourself and experience new foods. Your favorite is fruit and breads. For snack at daycare you are having a bit of string cheese and some cranberries. We continue to try to get you to experience new foods but often you don’t like them.
Size clothing: We are pretty much into the 12 month clothes now. You are getting so big!

Eyes: Still dark brown and so pretty.

Hair: The back of your hair is getting longer with a few curls. The top is long enough now I can clip a small bow and you look so sweet.
Things I love: You are all over the place but right now you are loving books. You carry the little board books around with you and will just sit down and open to various pages. Sometimes you will sit in my lap and let me read to you, but mostly you are a big girl and like to read your own book.


Things you hate: You are starting to know what you don’t like and will throw a bit of a fit if you don’t get your way!
Activities this month: We went for the first time on a family trip to the beach. You had so much fun and loved the warm water. After about 2 hours you were sound asleep on my lap and J was able to completely change you and put you in the car without waking you up! We will have to go again soon.




2 thoughts on “11 months and Walking

  1. Love the word picture! Great update on our precious DJ. Cannot believe its almost a year since your first worldly appearance. Looking forward to seeing you next month! Love you to

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