10 months

DJ you are 10 months old.  I am not sure where the time has gone but this for some reason is another milestone I am not ready for.  10 months is WAY too close to 12 months which I am really just not ready for.  Every day you grow and become more and more of a sweet little girl, a little person with a mind of her own, and a part of our family.  As much as I wish all the time you were a little baby again, it really is so exciting to see all the new things you share with us!

Age: 10 months
Weight: Probably close to or over 20 pounds.
Height 27 inches plus a bit, you don’t seem to be getting too much taller right now.
Sounds You make:  I would say that your official first words are “Bye” “Ma” (for Mason) and “Woof”.  Really these are just sounds you make but we know what you are talking about!  For some reason when you “wave” goodbye, you have your hand and kinda pull on your lip, its cute!
New developmental skills:   You are still furniture walking all over the place and starting to get more balance without holding on.  You love your little tykes play car that you can push around the house.   Most importantly you learned how to blow kisses.  Surprisingly, I got you up last Friday morning and kissed you on the head and you leaned back, looked at me and put that sweet little hand to your mouth and blew me a kiss.
Sleep:  It seems like you go in cycles of 3-4 nights sleeping through the night and then its a few nights of 1-2 feedings.  J has started giving you a bottle sometimes at night so I can get some sleep and you don’t become too depending on comfort nursing.
Feedings:  At your 9 month appointment the pediatrician thought you could go down to 2 five ounce bottles at daycare plus all your solids.  At daycare they said you really wanted to eat breakfast with the other kids so you now get three meals of solids at daycare and then eat dinner at home with us!
Size clothing:  All of your 9 month stuff is pretty much too small now.  I am loving how some Gap 12-18 month stuff is fitting.   Its still cute to let you just crawl around the house in a pretty cloth diaper!

 Eyes:  Still dark brown and people love to comment on how pretty they are on you!

Hair:  Your hair is getting a lot longer and I think will be a dirty blonde.  Its long on the top and getting thicker in the back.  I am hoping you have some pretty waves.
Things I love:   You still love the dog.  We had to say goodbye to Finally this month but I’m happy you got to spend the weekend with him.  You would not stop crawling over to him and pulling up on his belly or trying to find his eyes under his hair.
Things you hate: You hate being set down when we get home from daycare and you want to nurse.  I just need 2 minutes to change clothes but you hate waiting. You also aren’t fond of diaper changes right now since you just want to roll over and explore.
Activities this month:   We had a fun trip to Melbourne to have a high school graduation party for AL (Aunt L).  Close family friend KW got to babysit you and we are hoping that Big Davy (big meaning older) got lots of practice and hopefully gives you a cousin soon!  We are also loving taking you out to eat.  We just cannot believe how good you are sitting in your high chair kicking your little legs and eating your food.  You are so good and we often have to wait for you to finish eating after we are done.


Pictures to be added soon!


2 thoughts on “10 months

  1. Gigi is still enamored with her and Jaja just melts at the thought of her! Amazing how silly we can be and must look when we face-chat with our little DJ!

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