Cloth Diaper Review – Charlie Bananas

A while ago, Zulily had some cloth diapers for sale and I thought I would try them out.

Type – Pocket Diaper but marketed as a hybrid or AI2 because they sell disposable inserts for these.


  • Pocket opening in the front of the diaper
  • Flap covering the opening (unlike fuzzibunz which seemed unfinished to me)
  • Comes with two full size inserts
  • Microfleece inside instead of the BG microsuede
  • We chose to purchase the sized diapers, but Charlie Bananas do come in OS.

Price –

I got these off zulily for about $14 each but I think they are normally more like $18 each.

Although it took forever for these diapers to arrive, we have been really happy with them!  The PUL is super soft and the inserts are really nice.  It seems like the microfleece inside is holding up from piling better than the Fuzzibuns.

I really love the print of this diaper that we purchased, but the other colors are REALLY pretty as well.

Charlie Banana Print Cloth Diaper Butterflies

As soon as I get a good picture of DJ wearing this I will update!


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