8 months

We have had so much fun with DJ this month. She is crawling all over the house and pulling up on furniture. They say at daycare they have to keep an eye on her otherwise she will crawl right over the little babies. She is “talking” a lot more but still no real words. We think we may be getting close to knowing the sign language sign for “milk”. We practice that one every night when I sit on the couch and Daddy brings you over to nurse.

DJ is eating a lot of solids. About three 3-4 ounce servings a day plus breast milk still. Favorite foods still are puffs (#1) and squash, sweet potatoes and apple sauce.

Easter we went to church with Uncle Chuck and then out to breakfast where we let you naw on your first piece of wheat toast. You loved it especially because you could do it yourself.

You also live being outside and watching animals. Mason is your best buddy although he’s still not sure about you crawling on him. At Grandmas house you love to watch the neighbors horses and kick your legs and squeal when they move.

Sadly last night (4/11) you had to take you to the ER for a chest infection. We are still here but you are looking much better already.

You are getting so big at 19 and a half pounds! Hard to believe you are so big. I guess we don’t notice how heavy you are quite as much since you are crawling.

Pictures from the month:







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