I am behind on our monthly updates, but this is what we have been up to lately:


Chewing on frozen bell pepper slices


Play with a wet washcloth



Can’t leave the washcloth behind when we are playing!


and, pulling up and chewing on the table

And finally this past weekend when visiting my mom, she found a little sharp tooth that had finally poked through!  My mom was watching DJ when the tooth was found and I was a little sad J and I weren’t there.  She said it wasn’t there in the morning and by the time she had her night time bottle it had popped through.  Apparently DJ was in great spirits all day, no fever, no ear ache, no diaper rash, just a little bit of trouble sleeping (could have been from the pack and play though).  We are hoping teething isn’t too painful for her.

As soon as we can really see the tooth we will post a picture!  In the mean time I am trying to capture a few more toothless grin pictures.  She is 7 months or about 33 weeks old!


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