DJ – Happy Half Birthday, six months

Happy Six Months Baby Girl!

Age: 6 months
Weight: 17lbs 12 ounces at our 6 month check up!
Height 27 inches, getting so tall!
Sounds I make:  You are still going with your babbling noises.  You also are starting to let out a few more “shrieks”.
New developmental skills:  Once you rolled over, you immediately started getting up on all fours!  You are starting to get the hang of army crawling and about to turn around in a circle on your belly.  You are so much happier playing on the floor now that you can get to your toys!
Sleep:  We are doing good with just one or two feedings per night again!
Feedings:  We have upped your daycare feedings to three five ounce bottles.  We also started sending two containers of solids (about 1.5 ounces each) to daycare.  This has really helped keep your belly full during the day.  You are loving sweet potatoes!
Size clothing: You are already growing out of your 6 month pajamas!  It won’t be long before you are moving up to the 9 month stuff

 Eyes:  Still very brown!
Things I love:  You love your new bath ring so you don’t have to sit in the infant seat anymore!
Things I hate: Being in the car when you are hungry!
Activities this month:  Lots of fun with our friend Addy at her first birthday party! You loved all the tissue paper. You also got to wear a really cute outfit for Valentines day that GiGi sent you in the mail!  We took six month pictures at the mail and they came out SO cute!

Starting to crawl –


This was actually taken on her 6 month birthday while at our best friends 2 year old’s party.  They are going to have so much fun growing up together being exactly 1.5 years apart!


Valentines day collage!


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