DJ – 5 Months

Wow, little girl, the past month has FLOWN by and yet it seems like so long ago that you were at the doctors for your four month check up!

Age: 5 months
Weight: 17lbs
Height ~ 25 inches
Sounds I make: Starting to make the “mmm” sounds.  I love the shape that your lips make.  You also have started making loud screeches!
New developmental skills: Rolling over!  On Christmas day with your grandparents and cousins at the house you rolled over from back to belly for the first time.  You were getting so close for a long time but you finally did it.  Ever since we cannot keep you on your back.  Already you can pull your knees up under you and scoot a little across the floor.  It won’t be long before you crawl.
Sleep:  I think we struggled a bit with the “four month wakeful” because you started getting up at least twice per night.  We have started co-sleeping a bit after the second time you get up just so I can get some rest for work the next morning (plus I love the snuggles)
Feedings: Still taking about 4 bottles at day care and nursing 4 times at home.  We started solids (avocado, rice cereal, and sweet potatoes in that order) but you really don’t want much to do with them.  Every few days we are letting you try but you aren’t eating much.
Size clothing: Almost out of 3-6 month clothes.  All the onesies and footed PJ’s are getting a bit tight in length! Still in size 3 diapers though.

 Eyes:  Still very brown!
Things I love:  Looking in the mirror, bath time, rolling onto my belly to reach for toys, the lights on the Christmas tree, and our dog MASON!
Things I hate: Being in the car when you are hungry!
Activities this month: We celebrated Christmas at home and took a trip to see Jaja and GiGi.  You also got to meet your Great JaJa and Bushi!

This was our Christmas card that we shared via email with family and friends:


Toy Giraffe (who we have nicknamed “stevie”) that Dad bought for you for Christmas.  He was right, you love him!


Playing on your playmat with your toys!


The next three were me trying to capture the funny shape your mouth makes when you talk to us!  You laid here on the couch for about 10 minute talking away!




We also got a new swing for Christmas and you love it!  This was a Saturday morning and eventually you fell asleep right here in the front yard.


All bundled up on our way to daycare.


Out running errands with mom and dad one weekend.


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