Making Baby Food

Since we found out we were pregnant J has been so excited about making baby food. We have done some research and really hope we can do this for our sweet baby girl.

At our four month check up the doctor gave us the go ahead to start solids. To get started this weekend I cooked up this wonderful food!


It was two small organic spaghetti squashes (leftover from thanksgiving) and a sweet potato. I baked them on this sheet for about an hour. Then I scooped them into our food processor and turned it on. That was it! I scooped the purée into ice cube trays and froze them.  We picked up this set of ice cube trays along with another basic set we found at WalMart.  I like this green/blue set because they are silicone so they are pretty easy to pop out but also because they are so small (only 1/4″thick so they held a small amount).

Silicone ice cube trays from walmart


The next day I popped them out of the tray and into some zip lock bags for storage. I can’t wait to let her try these!


2 thoughts on “Making Baby Food

  1. I remember being so excited to make my LO’s food! 🙂 Did you add breastmilk to the veggies? I found that the puree’s defrost and taste better when they have breastmilk in them. I don’t know why though! I puree’d with water once, froze and when I defrosted, the butternut squash had the weirdest consistency. I had to throw them out.
    It’s great to see that you’re making your LO yummy and healthy foods! 🙂

    • Thanks! We are so excited as well to be making her food. We did not add breast milk to the veggies because we read it was better to add it afterwards once defrosted. The squash had plenty of liquid to it already. The sweet potato was a bit thicker and creamier but still froze fine without any water.

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