DJ – 4 months

This weekend my sweet baby turned four months old!  For some reason this feels like shes getting so old as she continues to grow out of the infant phase and starts to hit those baby milestones.  This was also a special month because exactly a year ago we found out we were pregnant.  Its amazing how your life can change so quickly.  Once again, I am thankful for such a smooth pregnancy and a wonderful healthy little girl.

Where we are at 4 months old!

Stats:  Will have to update later this week after her 4 month check up.  I’m guessing over 17 pounds.

Food: Still 100% breastfed.  I feed you breakfast in the morning at 7 am when I drop you off at daycare.  Throughout the day you takes about 4 four ounce bottles during the 10 hours you’re there.  When we get home you eat and then again before bed and at least one more time during the night.  It works out pretty well to four feedings from mom, four from the bottle.

Sleeping:  You are sleeping pretty well in your crib although on occasion, we have brought you to bed with us so I can sleep while nursing.  You are swaddled at day care but are more frequently getting out of your swaddle at night.  Many times we come to get you and you have scooted across the crib and are up against the rails and bumper.  If you don’t fall asleep nursing you love to fall asleep in your daddy’s arms doing the “sleepy shuffle”.  As he holds you on your side and walks around the house you quietly coo and sing until you drift to sleep.

Nicknames: Chica Boo and Boo Boo.

Milestones:  You are starting to try to roll over although you haven’t fully made it there yet.  You also can grab at your toys and pull them down for you to chew on them.  Since you don’t take a pacifier, you are very happy to be able to hold your toys and chew on them!

Goofy Grandma and Jaja and AL came to visit us for Thanksgiving.  We started brisk  morning off with the 5k Turkey Trot.  Afterwards, you sat in the high chair while we cooked dinner.  After dinner you watched the Packers game with Jaja in your little packers outfit (they are still undefeated!)

You love to look at all the Christmas lights that are up on the tree!  It will be a fun Christmas this year! DJ 4 months old


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