DJ – 3 Months Old

Already three months old! I am so sad, because this means I am returning to work and I cannot spend everyday with her at home!

Stats: 15+ lbs

Food: Still 100% breastfed. We are down to two feedings at night.

Sleeping: Still sleeping swaddled in the muslin Aden+Anais blankets and from about 8 pm to 8 am with two feedings.

Nicknames: Chica Boo and Boo Boo.

Milestones: First giggles! Such a sweet little laugh when we kiss your neck. You have also found your hands and love to suck on them which is good since you still don’t like a pacifier. Also, just last week you were playing on your play mat and suddenly just reached up and grabbed the toy elephant hanging above your head. You are now starting to grab at all sorts of things! Halloween was fun with you dressed up as a little giraffe (of course) and you had fun looking at all the kids before you fell asleep in your stroller.


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