First Day back at Work

Today is my first day back in the office I am full of very conflicting emotions.

First of all, no one LIKES going to work, but I really do like my job. In the spirit of being thankful, here are some things I like about my job:

  • Not a shabby paycheck
  • Flexible to an extent (can’t work from home, but hours aren’t bad)
  • Friendly people that I enjoy on most days
  • Work is challenging yet not gruesome
  • I can work at my own pace (mostly)

Secondly, I obviously love my daughter, but staying home full time with a baby is very challenging. I am ready for a break from changing diapers and saying "Boo" to try to entertain her. She is such a sweet baby but the bottom line is she is a baby and its hard to spend all day with a baby. I am ready to get out of the house, put some make up on, and feel pretty and professional again.

Lastly, I am having mommy guilt over sending her to daycare, but again, in trying to bring out the positive in the situation, here are some things I am happy about with her daycare and the providers:

  • Its clean, bright and fun – lots of things for a baby to look at
  • Very well known and has many positive reviews
  • Everyone there knows me and her already (well they don’t know my name, but they know hers and they know I’m her mom so thats all that matters to me!)
  • She is sleeping and eating there, the rest will come

So, I sit here today conflicted because I do miss her, but am trying to remember she is in good hands. I am happy to be back at work, but its still work and even though staying home with her was work, I wish I was with her!


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