Swaddles for Baby

Since DJ was born and we were in the hospital we have been swaddling her.  Those little blankets at the hospital are great, but you can’t take them home with you.  We loved how soundly she sleeps when swaddled so we wanted to continue at home.

We started swaddling at home using the Aden + Anais muslin blankets (the smaller ones from Target) since LO was born. She sleeps so much better at night all tucked it and can’t get her hands up by her face to wake her up. We loved the muslin because we didn’t have to worry about her over heating.  If she was chilly, we would put her in a heavier sleeper underneath or lay a flannel blanket over her legs.

We have these two from Target (Zooaroo and Jillaroo)

Now at 3 months with her going to day care, she cannot use the A+A because its a blanket and they can’t have blankets in the cribs. So I started the search for a new swaddle that wasn’t a blanket.

First we tried the Summer SwaddleMe. We received one of these when she was born but she was too little for the size large.  I washed it and set it aside for use later on.  The large said it was for 14-22 pounds so I figured I had a while. That is a joke. DJ is just over 15 pounds and probably about 25″ and she doesn’t fit AT ALL. Not only is she way to long for it and the middle piece doesn’t come up high enough on her belly, there needs to be a few extra inches of fabric before it could close around her and have the velcro in the appropriate places.  I am upset that this is one of those baby items that we just didn’t get a chance to use before she outgrew it even though the weight limits are very inaccurate.

Next up was the Halo Swaddle Sacks. I was nervous to try because they only come in Newborn and Small sizes, but the small said it goes from 13-18 pounds. Immediately after looking at the product I could tell the sizing was MUCH more accurate. There was plenty of room in the feet (baggy like a normal sleep sack) and the “wings” could be velcro’ed in any spot on the sides. She is sleeping in this one tonight so I’m hoping it works! We got the cotton version (it also comes in a fleece) and its a bit thicker than the muslin but winter is coming up so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Does anyone else have similar experiences with these or other swaddles?  Are there any other brands I should look at for a bigger baby?  I am hoping once she gets a little bit better control of her arms we can transition her to just a sleep sack.


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