Baby foot prints

I have seen some great ideas on Pinterest but one I thought I could actually execute was framed footprints from the first year.

I am hoping to collect a set of 5 prints from birth, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months old We didn’t get any done in color when she was born but I’m hoping I can photoshop the blank ink ones from the hospital.

Tonight we started with the three month ones. It went really smoothly. My husband held her while I painted some water based paint (just cheap stuff from Walmart). I pressed her foot gently onto some white card stock and we were good to go! We did the foot on three sheets of paper (so we could pick the best one) and then rinsed and dried her foot in the sink. The paint didn’t even dry so it came off really easily. We then repeated the process with her other foot and we were done.

Here is how it came out. I haven’t framed it yet but might wait until we get a full set to do that. I love how little the toes are!



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