Last week of maternity leave

This is my last week of maternity leave with DJ. I was very fortunate to have enough leave saved up that I was able to stay home and receive a paycheck for the last three months.

The past three months have been wonderful at home with her. At first it was purely survival. Both of us were still recovering and getting used to our new lives together. Around 6 weeks or so, staying home with her was more fun. She loved to interact with you while laying on the floor or changing table. She enjoyed looking around and seeing new things. Also it made it a bit easier to get out and about with her since she was just a bit more sturdy and easier to hold and put in and out of the car.

Now these last three weeks or so have been rough. I feel like all I do is change diapers, breast feed, and try to keep up with the house chores like dishes and laundry. She is so much fun to be around but it’s not like I can sit in front of her face all day talking baby talk.

I am ready to have some time away from her and away from the house. I am excited that when I pick her up from day care I will be so excited to see and play with her in the evenings her as opposed to now where I am so tired at night it’s not enjoyable. I know she is also ready for some new experiences that day care can help provide.

So this week I am trying not to stress about the major change that is about to turn our house upside down but is very hard not to dwell on it. We are getting in lots of play time and snuggles but also wrapping up errands and appointments.


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