DJ – Two Months Old

Today my little baby is two months old.  It seems so old, like I really can’t call her a newborn anymore.  She is all baby now.

We have had a very busy month, more stories to come!

Stats: 13lbs, 24.25 inches long, and 16.5 inches head circumference.  All in the 95 percentile! We would expect nothing less!

Food: Still 100% breastfed.  Dad is still doing about 1 bottle per day about 4 ounces, usually around 1 am.

Sleeping: Usually one good long nap during the day and 4 hour stretches at night.  You did sleep through the night for the first time!  From 10pm to 5:30am!  It was amazing!

Nicknames: Chunky Monkey (this came from when you leapt from 11 lbs to 13 lbs!), Chica Boo (not sure where this came from).

Milestones:  Lots of smiles around here.  This morning, you greeted me with a smile in your crib.  Also starting to say a few coo’s when you are looking at us.  You are getting much stronger especially with holding your head up.  When laying on the ground on your stomach you still frequently roll over to your back.

Now, for the cute pictures!


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