Newborn weight gain

Our Ms. DJ is gaining weight beautifully.

When she was born she weighed 9lbs 7ounces. By the time we left the hospital 2.5 days later she weighed 8lbs 11ounces.

It wasn’t until about the third or fourth day that my milk came in. I ended up with a blister on one side, so I started pumping almost immediately. This created some extra milk that we started using and freezing. During the day she is eating every 2 hours, and every 3-4 hours through the night, with one bottle per night of breast milk from her dad.

At her three week check up with the pediatrician she finally caught back up to her birth weight and was just shy of 10 lbs. We were so excited! It was so reassuring knowing we wouldn’t need to start supplementing.

Now at 5 weeks she broke the 11 pound mark! We couldn’t believe that in less than 2 weeks she gained a full pound! We are so happy to know that our little one is healthy and getting everything she needs from breast milk. It really makes all the pain and effort worth it!


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