DJ – One month

Dear Baby DJ,

You turned one month old this past Sunday. You are absolutely amazing and such a blessing and wonderful addition to our lives.

You weigh 10 lbs and are 22 inches long so you are definitely growing! You have started your own little routine and we gladly follow along. During the day you are most awake in the mornings and at dinner time. Throughout the day you like to eat every two hours and we try not to let you go more than three hours.

By 8:30 pm you have your last feeding and get all swaddled up and put to sleep in the pack and play in our bedroom. I try to head to bed along side you so I can catch some sleep before you are up for a midnight feeding. Usually you do wonderfully with a quick diaper change and eating for about thirty minutes before falling fast asleep in my arms. However there are some nights that you are wide awake and love to just stare up at us while we walk around with you. Your dad gets up with you for the second night feeding for a bottle of breastmilk which you gulp down. By 7 am you get up again with me and are wade awake ready to start your day.

One of your favorite places is your changing table in your room. After getting cleaned up you will lay there for several minutes just looking around and kicking your arms and legs. Of course several times we have let you lay there so long we have to change another diaper!

Another first this month was your bath which you loved! You were so cute kicking around in that warm water! Mason stood over the tub and the two of you just stared at each other!

You already have such a cute personality. You raise your eye brows so high some times we wonder what you are thinking about. You love to arch your back and stretch your head backwards. Laying on your side you can almost stretch the back of your head to reach your back! You definitely respond to our voices and love to listen to music (Disney of course is your favorite)! We cannot wait for the next few weeks a you start to smile and coo!

We love you!



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