Birth story of DJ – part 2

The nurse came in to check and see what I might have felt. She could not definitively see the cervidil but agreed that it had probably fallen out and my water broke.

Unfortunately she wanted to check very carefully to make sure the cervidil was out. It hurt so bad as she dug around feeling. At this point it was about 7 am and the nurse shift change was about to happen. She called in the day nurse and she checked again but could not feel the cervidil. As they were digging around down there I felt several gushes of wArm water so I knew my water had really broken. It was agreed that the cervidil was no where to be found.

Now with my water broken the contractions were definitely coming. I was surprised but the hospital brought some breakfast and I ate some eggs bacon and applesauce. At 8:50 am I was checked again. I was dilated about 3.5 cm, 90% effaced, but still at -2 station. The babies heart rate was steady about 150 bpm and not looking like it was being affected by the contractions. The contractions at this point were coming every 3 minutes or so.


We started to try going for some laps around labor and delivery. Basically the floor is a big loop with two nurses stations and two little pantry areas for ice and water. I put another gown on my backside an slid on my croc flip flops and we started walking. We would make it one loop around and I would have to stop at the pantry area to lean over the counter for another contraction. They were strong enough that I needed to stop walking but not bad enough that I was being verbal or anything. Leaning over the counter helped take some pressure off my belly and let J massage my back with felt amazing.

Finally it got to the point that we were stopping at both pantries for a contraction break so we decided to go back to the room and requested a birthing ball. We placed it right next to the bed to help stabilize it and so I could still be on the monitors. It really helped to do some light bouncing and shift the pressure.

I think at this point we were watching Finding Nemo on DVD. It was nice to have something to listen to without actually having to watch anything. It also was nice to have it be just J and I in the room. When a contraction came I was able to easily get his attention so he could help me get through it. It also made it nice to be able to get up and out of bed as needed without worrying about flashing visitors. I felt like I was constantly shifting from the bed, to the toilet, leaning over the counter, or on the ball.

At 11 am I was having to hold onto J and count to get through contractions every 2-3 minutes so I was checked again. I was up to 4.5 cm dilated, 90% effaced and moved to a -1 station. Everyone was happy with this natural progress and decided to still hold off on pitocin.


At this point things got tough. Some where between 11 am and 2 pm the contractions just really seemed to be coming quickly. I was almost in tears through each. I believe I was checked around this time and was around 6 cm and headed into transition. My mom and Js mom made it to the hospital around 1 pm and stopped in to say hello. They did see me go through a few contractions. Eventually things got too tough and I asked for the epidural.

The anesthesiologist was stuck in surgery so it was going to be almost an hour before she could get to me. I felt I couldn’t wait that long so I accepted the offer for stadol to hold me over. It was a quick addition to the IV. I immediately started feeling sleepy and loopy. It did help with the pain because I was drifting off almost immediately. I think I would wake up with contractions but wasn’t in enough pain that I needed to move positions to get through them.

As promised, the anesthesiologist arrived within about 45 minutes. I was so loopy I sat up like I was told without thinking twice and leaned over J’s shoulders. Luckily since I had the stadol it was pretty easy to sit still as she started working. Within 5 minutes I was back in bed and numb. I couldn’t feel it in my back.

At this point I felt great so the grandmas came back in for some visits. My mom couldn’t believe how much relief the epidural provided. I could somewhat tell when contractions came but wasn’t feeling any pain. Everyone was great and they helped massage my legs to keep blood flowing since I couldn’t move them.

At 5 pm We decided we would get a bit of rest while everyone headed off to get some dinner. At this point I was restricted to ice chips but had no interest in food but they were going to grab some for J. Of course as soon as they left our doctor came in to check on me. We were surprised to find out that I had definitely made some progress. I was at 8 cm, 100% effaced and at 0 station.


We texted the family and they hurried back to the hospital. Little did they know we still had a long night ahead of us.


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