Birth story of DJ – part 1

Tuesday night we wrapped up all of our last minute projects at home. Little things like the laundry and moving the pack and play into our room. We ate a rotisserie chicken for dinner and packed the last of our bags. Around 7 were showered an ready. We had to check in to the hospital at 8 pm but wanted to take time getting there.

We went to take one last pregnancy photo and suddenly the good camera wouldn’t work. We had to use another camera but the pictures didnt turn out great and it was time to leave.

We got to the hospital on time and within a few minutes I had my bracelet and were able to get into our room. I changed into the hospital gown and met our nurse for the night. I was monitored for about thirty minutes and then cervidil was placed. Once placed I needed to be monitored for 2 hours straight and then for 30 minutes every 4 hours. Of course between 10 pm and midnight the baby was very active and did not want to stay close to the monitor which meant the nurse was constantly in and our of our room. We did not sleep very well at all.

By about 1 am when we finally could be off the monitor for 4 hours I finally fell asleep for a while. However by about 3 am I started waking up with contractions. There were not strong enough to get me up and out of bed but enough that I would wake up with the dull ache and fall back into a light sleep until the next one came about 5 minutes later.

Around 5 am I was having so many contractions that the nurse wanted to put the baby back on the monitor to make sure the heartbeat was still steady and strong. Everything still looked good but about every 10 minutes we had to readjust. After an hour of monitoring the nurse finally got a log enough read to be satisfied that the baby was doing fine and we could be taken off again.

By this point it was basically morning. The sun was starting to come on the windows and the contractions were keeping me awake. At 6:45 I ate a granola bar and got out of bed to use the restroom. As I peed I felt a big plop of something coming put and into the toilet. It came out in a big slush as soon as I started to pee. *TMI Alert* the toilet looked like it had shredded paper in it and was very murky. I had been warned to be careful I did not pee out the cervidil and at this point I thought it might have come our but I couldn’t see it clearly in the toilet. We called for the nurse to come check.


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