Dear Baby

Dear Baby CJ,

Tonight we go in for an induction. You will have been growing inside of me for over 39 weeks!

Pregnancy has been exciting for your dad and I. He has been so excited for you since we first found out we were expecting. The first trimester went by very quickly. I was not sick at all, just really tired. It was fun to slowly tell our families and friends about you. Before we knew it, we were into the second trimester. We had the ultrasound to check on all your pieces and parts and everything checked out great! I am so anxious to know if you are a boy or girl, but J has held me strong with my original decision to wait. The second trimester also went by quickly with you growing inside! By around 18 weeks, I felt a few little pops, and by 20 weeks, I knew I could feel you moving around in there. Sometimes I would be sitting in meetings at work and could hardly concentrate because you would be kicking and moving so much. The third trimester is when this all really began to feel real. We got the nursery painted and set up in June which was good because that was about the last time I was able to get down on the ground to help build furniture! My belly just seems to keep getting bigger and bigger!

Now that we are here, I am so excited to meet you. I can’t wait to see what you look like (we expect you will have hair, but no idea what color). I hope breastfeeding works well for us as I would love to have that bonding and be able to give you the best start possible. You are still jumping and flipping around in my belly, last night your feet went from all the way on my left side to all the way on my right side. Your little back and bum are always visible!


Mom and Dad


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