Nursery Storage

Now that we have had our showers and gotten the rest of the nursery set up, I thought I would share pictures of the storage!

First of all, my mom purchased us this changing table.  She picked out a great one that matches the crib perfectly!

We got these great little green bins to help store extra wipes and things underneath.  Also, on the middle shelf, you can see the diaper caddy we received.  This will probably end up staying in our room with the pack and play so we don’t have to go all the way to the nursery for diaper changes in the middle of the night!

Here is the closet:

There are still a few things on the top shelf that don’t belong in the nursery.  The bookshelf on the bottom is the Expedit from Ikea.  It can lay horizontal or stand vertical and was only like $80.  We love that later on it will make a great book shelf!  Again, we got more green baskets (just from Target) to help with storage of little things like baby toys and socks.

We do have a few items of clothing hanging up in the closet.  It has been good that we don’t know the gender of the baby because otherwise this closet would be full!  Everything hanging there is either gender neutral or hand me downs!

We also were very fortunate to have friends that understand the importance of diapers!  You can see on the left hand side we have a nice little stash of size N-2.  I also was able to score a big box of 252 size 1-2 on Amazon for only $24! That is less than $0.10 per diaper!

I think between the changing table, the closet, and the dresser we should be set on storage for this little one!


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