What a great birthday!

As many of you know, I am not huge into birthday surprises but this year I was in the celebrating mood! I guess I kinda felt that this would be the last time I would celebrate my birthday and could be selfish about it before becoming a “mom”. Friends and family really overwhelmed me with love this weekend and it really made it special.

First of all, my family was on vacation but my parents and sister made sure to send me cards and even sent J and I a restaurant gift card for one more good date night before baby arrives!

That day at work, we had scheduled an office lunch and it kinda morphed into a birthday lunch. It was a very nice treat to get to relax for a bit with our team. We do work really hard and get to kick back every now and then but getting out of the office makes it more fun. Plus, they treated me including a nice big piece of chocolate cake as an afternoon treat.

When I got home from work J was so sweet and had the house clean and flowers and a card waiting for me. I think this is only the third time he has EVER bought me flowers so I was very touched. Money is tight right now saving for the baby (I had told him my breast pump could count as my birthday present) but he surprised me and took in all of our loose change and turned it into an iTunes gift card for me.

iTunes Gift Card

He used one of the CoinStar machines that doesn’t charge a fee if you turn the money into a gift card and it turns out we had over $60 in change! I am going to use the money to buy some new tunes for while we are in the hospital. Also, our roommate left me a a sweet card and a really cool gift!

It was really sweet. Then….

Just as we were sitting on the couch discussing what we were going for dinner, J’s parents walked in and surprised me! We got to go out to dinner with them! They dropped the two grandkids off so that made it extra special. It was such a nice time with them and really made my evening. After dinner we went to get their grandkids (J’s niece and nephew) and they surprised me with cupcakes and a balloon. I forgot how much kids love birthdays!

Like I said, it was a wonderful birthday surrounded by love!


2 thoughts on “What a great birthday!

  1. I so totally didn’t realize it was your birthday! I’m glad it was a happy one. That gyrobowl looks cool. I hope it works out well for you.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Glad you had a good one! I’m slightly obsessed with those bowls after seeing the commercial. We joke about getting one every time we see one in Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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