38 weeks – Still waiting for baby

Well at least the first three weeks of July flew by.  This last one, not so much.

Today I am officially 38 weeks, making it just two weeks until my August 12th due date (I have given up on the August 18th date).

Two weeks ago, at our 36w4d appointment, we had a growth ultrasound to see how baby was.  We carefully watched the monitors as the technician first pulled up the baby’s skull (which was down low).   She froze the frame that outlined the skull and carefully dragged the circle pointer on the computer around to measure.  The bottom of the screen clearly said Gestational Age:  40 weeks 4 days.  So we watched as she measured again, very carefully, getting just the inside outline of the skull and the computer now read 40 weeks 1 day.  We continued this same careful process as the abdomen and the femur were measured (we had to look away while she located the femur).

Sure enough, at the end of the appointment she confirmed, it looks like little one is measuring 8 lbs 13 ounces which equates to basically a full term 40 week old baby.

At least we got a cute profile picture!

36 week ultrasound profile picture

We went on to talk to the doctor (not our normal one unfortunately) and he said that obviously the baby is measuring big.  To be safe, he said they will not do anything until 39 weeks when it is certain that baby is full term.  He said we could elect to have a c-section but recommended that we think things over and talk to our normal OB the following week.

So, this Tuesday, we met with our normal OB and he basically said the same things.  He does not want me to go past my due date if I want to try to deliver naturally but he would be willing to try induction at that time if that’s what we wanted.  He double checked again and confirmed that I had not made any internal progress since 35 weeks but he could feel the head was facing down.

We go back again this week to discuss again our options.  We do not want to jump to a c-section, but would be willing to try an induction at 40 weeks.  That puts us officially at less than 2 weeks until we meet little one!

Here is the latest 38 week picture, sorry its taken in the bathroom!


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