Getting Ready for baby

So on my last post about this pregnancy, I listed out all the wonderful things that were happening the first two weeks of July.  Just as I expected, it really made time fly!  Here is what has been accomplished:

  1. Friday –  Yes, Fridays always fly by, but I also have a ton of meetings on Monday mornings so it helps get the week started off quickly.  I’m happy I am still able to work because it is making time go by fast.
  2. Its a 3 day weekend with lots of fun activities.  4th of July was a great long weekend.  We got a lot of work done around the house, check out this post about our master bathroom changes!
  3. We start birth classes on Tuesday – We have now completed 2 out of our 4 classes.  They are fun to look forward to every week and are pretty informative.
  4. Next week is my birthday!   I had an amazing birthday with several surprises from J.  I will follow up with a blog post later.
  5. The following weekend is my shower!!!  The shower was a HUGE success.  We had so much fun with all of our local friends and many that came from out of town to be with us.  I finally feel ready to have this baby!   Again, I can’t wait to get all the pictures to share!
  6.  We get our house back by mid July – This past weekend we finally have our spare bedroom back from being a rented room to being our office.  It is very nice to be able to get everything set up and organized.  It is now a guest room, ready for my parents to come up and visit when baby arrives!

WHEW!  That is a lot that has happened between July 1 and July 18th!

On other baby news:

This weekend I finally started packing my hospital bag.  J has been bugging me about it for a while.  It also really hit home when our last appointment with our OB on July 11th (35W3D), he mentioned that he thinks the baby is big and wants to do a growth scan.  The OB did my GBS swab test and did my first internal.  He said everything still looks thick and closed up but he could feel the baby’s head!

This past week everyone has been commenting that I am dropping a bit and getting to that, OMG she can’t get any bigger phase.  We have the follow up appointment tomorrow!  I can’t wait to see if we have made any progress!


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