We are having a baby next month!

I am so excited to finally be able to say that! Hopefully he/she bakes the full month of July and comes some time in August!

I feel like I almost can start just counting down the days rather than the weeks.  There are officially 47 days left until August 18th.

The month of July is going to fly by too…

  1. Today is Friday – Its always awesome to start a new month on a Friday because that means I’ve been paid before the weekend!
  2. Its a 3 day weekend with lots of fun activities.  We have a BBQ tomorrow, redoing our master bathrooms (check out my other posts for pictures and updates), and hopefully a little bit of beach/sun action to get away from the 100+ degree heat.
  3. We start birth classes on Tuesday – I have a feeling this will also make the upcoming birth seem really REAL!
  4. Next week is my birthday!  I’m not a huge birthday fan but still its exciting!
  5. The following weekend is my shower!!!  Its my first and maybe only shower so I am very excited.  I have been trying so hard to be good and hold off on buying anything until after that point.  You better believe that afterward I am going on a shopping spree for the rest of the stuff we need!
  6.  We get our house back by mid July – My husbands best friend has been living in our spare room and I’m SOO ready to have our house back to start nesting.  I can’t wait to clean that spare room and bathroom to get ready for my family to come meet the baby!  We have loved having him with us, but we have a lot of work to do before the baby comes in August.

By the time all of that happens by mid July, I will be less than 30 days from having a baby!  Hope everyone has a safe and fun Independence Day!


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