My bathroom is almost done

We made some MAJOR progress last weekend even though it meant being locked up in the bathroom for almost 2 days.

Here is the process as it has gone down:

  1. J removed wall paper and most of the backing – 2 half days (after work in the evenings)
  2. Scrape/Scrub the glue off the walls – 2 half days
  3. Longest trip to Lowes ever to pick out medicine cabinet and other supplies – half day (Saturday morning)
  4. J patched holes in the walls (where the ceramic bars used to be) with drywall – half day (including Saturday overnight drying time)
  5. Apply primer with texture – Half day (Sunday morning)
  6. Apply paint and put bathroom back together – Half Day (Sunday afternoon)

Finally Sunday night we were ready to use the bathroom again!  Unfortunately we had used the old plastic shower curtain as a drop cloth so we had to make a Walmart run for a new liner before we could shower!

I would call the bathroom “done” except for a two things.  First, the fixture set that took an hour to pick out at Lowes was out of stock.  We have to go to the other store to get that.  Second, there are a few spots that need some touch ups.

So…. Here is the picture of the bathroom.  I’m sorry I don’t really know how to take a good picture with the light on, so here is my best shot:

We ended up keeping the mirror, vanity, toilet and tub as is.

We replaced the old medicine cabinet….

With a nice new mirrored front one from Lowes.  It cost $30 so it wasn’t the nicest one they had, but its a much bigger improvement.

We also replaced the old light fixture from an old bar style

to this one from Lowes (as you can see, we hung it with the light going up):

And eventually….. we will get this towel bar set:

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