32 weeks

This week I am 32 weeks and that means it is finally less than two months until my due date. I definitely feel pregnant now. It seems like it all hit me in the last three weeks, particularly the last few days. I imagine it’s only going to get worse.

Starting at 30 weeks I woke up a few times with horrible heartburn. It has been a symptom of mine pretty much from day one but this was so much more than a burning in my throat and chest. I actually woke up with bile (sorry probably tmi) practically in my mouth sitting at the back of my throat. Trying to cough it up or swallow it down was very painful. I talked to my OB who said I could take some medicine but I am trying to control it through diet and tums.

Also over the past few weeks sleeping has again become an issue as I feel my belly just getting bigger and bigger. Rolling over from side to side in bed (because I’m not supposed to sleep on my back) is a chore and of course trying to get up off our couch is always interesting.

So this last week on top of all that the round ligament pain has started up. It feels like a pulled or tight muscle all through my lower belly. It is especially painful when I move so walking and turning over in bed stinks.

Of course on top of all this it has already turned out to be a very hot June (not even officially summer yet). I try to go to work early, drive home in the evenings and come right inside again. Thankfully our a/c is keeping up.

Sorry to make this a complaint post but I finally feel pregnant. I an very thankful every day that even through all this I still have a healthy baby kicking in my belly that continues to grow. I can’t wait to meet him or her in less than 60 days!



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