Britax B-Ready Stroller: Pre-baby review

We were very fortunate to be gifted the Britax B-Ready stroller with the Britax Chaperone infant carrier car seat. I don’t have any pictures up yet but I thought I would share some of my preliminary thoughts on the stroller. We will see how much my thoughts change after we use the stroller a bit when the baby is here!

Here is a stock photo of our stroller:

Here are the selling features that we love:
* Reversible seat that actually flips front to back so the swivel wheels still stay in the front for easy pushing.
* Baby sits high up, not low to the ground
* Huge canopy that can be pulled all the way in front if needed
* Canopy opening has magnetic closure instead of velcro on top, so it’s quieter. Also less risk of the material getting snagged.
* Canopy has mesh opening on top, instead of plastic, so it helps with air ventilation (great for the heat in Florida!)
* Adjustable height handle bar. It goes low enough that my 4′ nephew could push it and high enough that my 6’4″ husband could push it very comfortably (arms at about a 45 degree angle)
* Ability to to add second seat or car seat
* To set the brake, you just press down on the peddle and it shows green/red (this is great for Florida where we are often wearing flip flops and flipping something up with a bare foot can hurt)
* Comes with some extras including plastic rain guard, parent cupholder, and a pouch thing that hangs by the basket for personal stuff and water bottles.
* 5 point harness straps that are very easy to adjust with sliding adjuster on the back.
* When using the car seat, all you need is the stroller frame not the seat (this saves on unnecessary bulk)

A few positives that you can find easily in other strollers:

* Huge basket (this one has front and side access via zippers which is an extra bonus)
* Locking front wheels
* Car seat adapters
* Great tires that pop off with a press of a button


* Can’t fold with seat facing the parents
* Seat doesn’t quite lay completely flat or completely upright
* Snack tray is extra

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