The Crib!

We were very fortunate that one of our family friends decided to gift us our crib. I had told my mom that I just wanted any white, non sleigh, type of crib. I had heard good reviews about the Graco cribs that were carried at WalMart and other various super stores.

Just as we (really meaning J) finishing the paint touches on the room, we got a surprise in the mail! A crib and mattress! J thought I had ordered but I swore I didn’t and upon further inspection of the package we found the mystery sender! She sent us the Graco Lauren crib in white along with the mattress.

One night last week we had an early dinner and got the nursery cleaned up and started putting together the crib. It was actually lots of fun, even though I wasn’t too much of a help because getting up and down from the floor is getting harder and harder!

First we took all the pieces out of the box:
(He was moving too fast to stop and smile for the camera)

Then we actually read some of the directions. It was very important that we got this right!

It really didn’t take long before it started to take shape and really look like a crib!

Finally we were all set with the crib! We are still not sure on placement in the room. Currently in this location, any light from the hallway shines right into the crib which isn’t ideal, but any other location puts part of the crib under a window.

We have since also gotten the green breathable bumper which matches perfectly to the crib sheet with the bedding set! Obviously the pillows won’t stay there, just for now until we get a good rocker!

It is really starting to come together! I am so excited!


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