Nursery Paint Complete

I am so excited!!!

We have finally made a lot of progress on the nursery. It started with the last post where I had picked out some curtains from a bedding set I liked (Bananafish Joshua). Once we saw the curtains in person and decided to keep them as the foundation of the room we were set!

First was Easter weekend when my parents and sister came to visit. In preparation, J pulled up the baseboards and gave the walls a 2 good coats of paint. We selected Valsapar Firmament (5003-8C) in an eggshell. I wish we had done a flat paint because the texture of the walls makes it seem a bit shiny, but hopefully this will hold up well. At first it seemed very dark and very turquoise. The Saturday that my parents were here, they all helped to paint the baseboards, crown molding, and the closet doors. By Saturday night we had made huge progress and got it all hung.

This week J has been busy doing the touch up work on the paint. Finally last night when I got home he had hung the curtains again finally! They looked great against the teal walls!

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