BananaFish Joshua Curtains are up!

Last week we ordered the BananaFish Joshua curtains to see what they would look like in our nursery. We wanted to see the actual fabric and the colors before picking a paint color. Online, I wasn’t too sure if these would be too "boyish" but the top green is a very cute polka dot pattern that I think makes it a bit feminine. I can’t wait to start actually adding items to the nursery now that we have a starting point!


I am still thinking we are going to go with the teal/turquoise walls. I think it will make the curtains show up a little bit better. We also are hoping to paint the trim white and add new baseboards and crown molding. For bedding, we are going to try to find a white crib and use either green or white bedding to make it simple. I am hoping to be able to copy the animal shapes in the curtains and maybe make some wall decor too!

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