20 week bump wardrobe

Around 18 weeks I really started showing the "bump". It came out quickly right around the time that all the bloat was gone, it firmed up and popped out. Here I am just after 19 weeks. At this point I am pretty much at a zero weight gain/loss. I lost about 5-7 pounds during the first trimester but as things progress I am quickly gaining it back.


I love this stage. Its fun to have a little bump that people notice. However, its not so big yet that I can’t tie my shoes or get comfortable on the couch.

The biggest downside I have right now is clothing. The shirt above was a very loose fitting non-maternity shirt. Right now my options are to wear non-maternity shirts that are a big snug or wear maternity shirts that are still huge. If I wear the snug non-maternity shirts people notice the bump and seem to comment they can’t believe how big the bump is for only 20 weeks (hello, don’t they realize thats half way there). If I wear the maternity shirts, everyone can also easily tell whats up because I’m obviously wearing a maternity shirt.

Any good suggestions for wardrobe at this stage? Its just now warming up to get into dresses and skirts which will help I hope.

1 thought on “20 week bump wardrobe

  1. Don’t buy maternity clothes, they’re too expensive! I found it easier and cheaper to buy larger clothes (Target is good). Yes, maternity stores are fun, but the likely hood of you being pregnant again at the same size in the same time of year is very unlikely. When it comes to pants, I was able to wear my regular jeans up until the 9th month with the help of the Belly Band (Target)! I did though bought two pairs of pants for work, which I wore about twice a week. Yoga pants and leggings became my best friends 🙂

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