The start of nursery inspiration

Since we aren’t finding out the sex of our little one, I’m finding it hard to find a nursery that I like that fits our style and would be appropriate for a boy or girl. I am not into pastel colors so that knocks out about two thirds of the gender neutral nursery sets. Additionally, since most sets come with a bumper and a quilt (which we don’t really need) I am having trouble piecing together ideas that we could do a la carte or on our own.

I had been playing with the idea of dark teal walls for a while (love the color) when Young House Love did a post about their guest room that they painted almost the exact color I am looking for. I love the way fresh white furniture and trim pops against the dark fun walls.

The one pattern that I like is the Bananafish Joshua bedding set (also called the modern zoo or 3D zoo fabric). It pulls in the teal color that I would like as well as the soft lime green that makes it pretty neutral.

So, here is the rough idea of what we are wanting to go for. The teal wall picture is from Young House Love.

Teal Nursery Inspiration


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