20 weeks

This week I will be halfway through my pregnancy. I am going to make it a goal to get better at posting so that by the time the baby gets here I will be back in a good routine.

On the baby front:

We are not finding out the sex of the baby. I am excited about this but we have definitely gotten some interesting reactions to our decision. About half say we are making a great decision, and the other half look at us in disbelief that we would not want to know ahead of time. To each their own I guess. I have been doing a ton of reading from What to Expect, to baby boards, and all other kinds of various websites and books. Now that I think I am pretty caught up in all this pregnancy stuff I am excited to start getting stuff checked off our to do list.

On the house front:

Lots on the to-do list before the baby gets here. About a month ago we took out 2 large hickory trees from our yard. It was a fun project and took J about a week to get everything cleaned up and on the trailer. As he was pulling the trailer with the first load of 1,600 pounds of debris, he accidentally knocked over some bricks on the planter of the mailbox. Luckily him and his friend that is staying with us (a professional brick mason) was able to get it fixed up in no time and actually added toppers to the posts out front to clean up the look. So, now that the trees are out, we want to try to grow some grass in the backyard again (a dirt pit yard is no place for a kid to play). Another big project I would like to tackle is pulling up the carpet from our 450 sq ft sun room and laying some tile. I think it will be much cleaner and keep the room cooler in the summer. Lastly of course we need to work on a nursery. A few weeks ago we had a garage sale and got some of the extra junk cleaned out of the closest. As soon as I pick out the colors and theme we will get going on that.

Anyways, thats the update for us! It is going to be a long hot summer so we really want to try to get as much done now as possible before I am huge and don’t want to move when its 100 degrees outside!


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