Sorry I have been MIA!!!

First an apology. Half way through the December Reverb challenge, I pretty much dropped off the face of the earth. I am sorry to leave everyone hanging like that, but sincerely hope you enjoyed the holiday season.

Now my excuse. About halfway through December, J and I found out we are expecting. Yes that’s right, expecting a baby! We found out shortly after our 6 month anniversary. So, in effort to keep things quiet for a while, I haven’t been posting. This first trimester has been hard and its been difficult to think about anything to post besides this pregnancy.

So the quick update for now. I am due August 18th, but may be measuring ahead by about 6 days. As far as we can tell (after about 3 ultrasounds) everything is looking good. Its crazy that in about 6 months we will a have a little one joining us.

So there is the news. I’m really sorry for dropping off and not posting. I am hoping to keep this blog a mix of DIY projects and baby/family updates to help us document the history of us!!!


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