Using Harvey’s Coupons at Publix

Last night J and I discovered a wonderful thing. We used Harvey’s coupons at Publix. Right now there are two great coupons out there, $3 off a $6 meat department purchase, and $2 off a $5 produce purchase. J was all over this coupon deal when he realized he could get a $6 steak half off.

Last night was a bit frenzied. J had been gone all day getting his truck fixed (it had a fuel leak but luckily it only cost $150 to fix) and helping a friend with a broken boat trailer. By the time we both got home around 6 pm we were tired. We made plans to print and organize coupons, head to the store, and celebrate Monday with buy one get one free Sonny’s pulled pork sandwiches.

Then I got a phone call from a friend begging me to come play softball. The team was short a girl and they would have to forfeit if they didn’t find a girl to play. This was at 6:30, the game was at 7:45.

J and I decided that was enough time for us to run to the grocery store and still get to the fields. Frantically, we ran around the house trying to locate all of my softball gear. Its not that I have a lot, but everything is kept in different locations. Glove and batting gloves in the ball bin, cleats on the shelf, hat on the hat rack, old jacket in the guest room, etc.

We ran to Publix and had a great trip. We got a few other things that were B1G1 but for the most part we stocked up on some meat, produce, and the coke 12 pack deal (buy 3, get 1 free).

In the end we came away with:

  • 4 Coca Cola 12 packs
  • 2 ribeye steaks
  • 1 package chicken breasts
  • 1 spiral ham
  • 4 packages of celery
  • 2 bags of carats
  • 1 bag of green beans
  • 2 bags of romaine salad
  • 4 boxes scalloped potatoes
  • 2 boxes swiss miss cocoa
  • 2 bottles of B Complex vitamins

All for a grand total of $30 OOP. Our original total (before sales and coupons) would have been $90. We had $38 in coupons. I saved roughly 68% on groceries from sales and coupons, or about 44% just from coupons alone! I used SouthernSavers to find my coupons so I’m not going to repost it all here.


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