SunDown Vitamins free again at Publix

Public just released their new in story flyer which includes a coupon for $6 off any 2 SunDown Vitamins. We love these vitamins and really enjoy stocking up on them when they are free.

The Sundown website and the newspaper has additional manufacturer coupons for $1 off each. Combine these its $8 off any two.

Most of the vitamins are around $5 but to make it free we try to buy the ones that are $4 or less. The best option is vitamin D, 400IU which at our Publix runs $2.99. Buying two of these actually creates overage of $2. Awesome!

So last night I ran to the store to get some lunch meat for packed lunches this week. I printed my coupons and off I went. I was SHOCKED when the total was $30 for the small amount of items I was buying. The store was closing so I just paid my money and off I went. I bought a few extra things we needed that weren’t on sale so I knew it wasn’t going to be a fantastic trip but $30 for like 4 bags of groceries???

This morning when I looked at my receipt closer, it turns out one of the bottles of vitamins I bought was actually vitamin D, 5,000IU which cost $16.99! No wonder my bill was so expensive! This has happened to a friend of mine before and Publix gladly exchanged the unopened product and refunding the difference.

If you plan on taking advantage of this great deal, just be careful you grab the right bottles!


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