Weekend Paddle Board

This past weekend we had beautiful weather. It was awesome to have a bit of warm weather to have one final day out in the sun.

J’s two best friends had recently purchased paddle boards and invited us to take them out on the river. There was a group of 5 of us that went. Two people were on the paddle boards and three in the small boat. It was a long trip so this was great to provide some rest after paddling for a while! The guys took turns and all did really well.


We stopped a few times at various rope strings that were along the river and the guys had fun jumping into the water.


The guys also got bored and were trying out different tricks on the board:


Finally I got the courage to try it out. Although it was warm out, the water was really cold and I was nervous about falling in and being cold the rest of the trip. We stopped at a dock so I could get on the board. After a few seconds I had my balance and was paddling on my way. It really was awesome. It took a lot of strength to actually get momentum going and strength to keep your balance on the board. I am happy to say that I was the ONLY person not to fall in the water that day!


I doubt J and I would ever purchase these boards because we don’t really have a lot of great places to use them but they certainly would be fun to rent or borrow for an afternoon!


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