Build A Bear

Build A Bear

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Last weekend we went to the mall with our niece to go to Build-A-Bear. As a little thank you present for being a flower girl in our “marry day” (as she calls it) we got her a gift card and asked if we could take her.

Her brothers had sports games that Saturday morning so she was dropped off at our house around 9:15 am. The mall didn’t open until 10 and she had her pretty dress on and was ready to go to build a bear! So about 9:30 we loaded up into the truck and headed to the mall. Forgetting that there isn’t much traffic on Saturday mornings we go there by 9:45.

We sat outside the Dillard’s entrance for a few minutes until the store manager finally lifted the big gates. She was so excited to be the first people in the store!

We finally got into the main part of the mall only to find that build a bear still wasn’t quite open yet! Patiently she wondered around another store until we were finally able to go in.

She picked a puppy dog that looked like her one at home. For a little girl that was so excited, skipping, hopping, and jumping, earlier that morning, she all of a sudden became very shy as we walked in the store to build her animal. With a little coaxing she finally stuffed her friend and picked out some clothes for her.

It was quite a big day at the mall but all worth it for a little girl we love.


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