Introducing Mason


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I’m sure you have seen in a few pictures, J and I have a “furbaby”. This is my Mason. He is the sweetest most laid back dog you could ever imagine.

When I was almost finishing up college (or so I thought), my car had a giant tree limb fall right smack dab in the center of the roof while I was home on Christmas break. The car was un-drivable and was going to be in the shop for roughly 4-6 weeks. Obviously I needed a car to drive to school and work. Happily, I found out that my car insurance also covered a rental car. Sadly, I found out it only covered $300 of a rental car (even if my car was going to be in the body shop for 2 months).

Obviously I could not find a rental car for two months for $400 so I was out of luck. Well, not really. See I had just started dating this pretty cool guy and he just happened to have a Toyota 4 Runner at his house that he did not sell since purchasing his new truck. He offered it for my use, so we got the vehicle tagged and insured (about $150).

After talking to the insurance company some more, I told them my situation and asked if I could still submit for rental car reimbursement since I still had to find alternate transportation. They said yes! Heck yes for $400 in my pocket! Actually I felt really bad about keeping the money so I told J he could have it for generously letting me use the vehicle. He felt bad about taking my money.

Not that I was looking or anything, but I found a litter of boxer puppies that was just listed in the newspaper. After going and seeing the puppies alone I had two or three favorites (there were 10 to choose from in the litter!) but I wanted J to come help pick. We drove out later that evening to pick out the puppy and J thought it would be the perfect way to use the insurance money. It turned out to be a great investment!!

Mason was born on Christmas 2006. We got him in March of 2007 when he was just a 10 week old puppy and fit on my lap in the car ride home.

Now Mason has lived in 6 homes with me (yes we have moved A LOT) and weighs 75 pounds. I’m sure you will be seeing a lot more of him around the blog!


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