Frozen Cheese

This Kraft deal this week was just too good to pass up.  I had to go back to the grocery store tonight in order to pick up some bacon for the meatloaf I cooked tonight (more on that later) so I also bought more cheese.  I got 5 packs of Kraft shredded cheese for exactly $5!  I read the package and you can freeze cheese for 2 months.  Thats awesome!  Now whenever I need some more cheese I can just defrost a bag really quick and I’m ready to go!  The $5 off coupon doesn’t expire for a while but the Publix sale ends tomorrow….. maybe I’ll swing by to pick up a few more bags????

1 thought on “Frozen Cheese

  1. You can freeze milk (open it and take a little out to allow for swelling as it freezes), butter, margarine, shredded cheese, Singles, egg beaters, oj, and even regular eggs, as long as you take them out of their shells. Crack them individually into an ice cube tray or dump into a ziptop bag and mix together to use for quiche or a casserole.

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