Monthly Costco Shopping

This weekend it was also time for J and I to refill our supply of frozen meat for dinners.  We have been happy with buying our meat at Costco because its easier for us to keep a supply in the freezer for about a month. We package into single meal serving sizes (about a pound of meat per dinner) and pull one package out of the freezer each morning.

On this trip we bought chicken, steak, and fish because we still had some pork in the freezer.  The chicken is boneless skinless tenderloins and are great because it comes in 6 individual packages. They smallest quantity you can buy is about 6 lbs so its about 1 lb per serving. At $2.50 per pound the total cost was about $16. The steaks we bought were 4 sirloins for 4.49 per lb. 4 steaks and just over 1 lb each cost us just over $20. Lastly the fish is tilapia filets that were on sale for 2.99 per pound. The other thing we bought at Costco was a 1 lb box of organic spring mix for $5.

Total cost for the trip was $60. We figured that provides 6 chicken dinners, 4 steak dinners, and 3 fish dinners. Roughly $5 per main entree for dinner. With the deals we have been getting at Publix on other starches and vegetables it will be easy to make a dinner for well under $10!


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